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Finance medical equipment.

Leasing medical equipment can be a best practice.

CWB National Leasing


If you run a medical practice, you’re always looking to bring the best care to your patients.

Rapid medical science progress is paving the way for innovative and efficient technologies that help improve patient care. The latest equipment and devices can enable you to offer better service when assessing, diagnosing, and treating your patients.

While the possibilities are promising, the high cost of purchasing new equipment in cash can be intimidating. If you are opening a practice, expanding, or upgrading obsolete equipment, you might be wondering how to get the tools you need without spending all your cash or drawing from your existing credit lines.

Lease financing may be the answer for acquiring the equipment you need to improve your patients’ quality of life.

Leasing vs buying medical equipment.

When acquiring equipment, you could purchase it with cash, put it on your existing credit lines, or finance your purchase with a leasing company. While there’s merit to all of these options, leasing can provide some unique benefits that many medical professionals prefer.

Better capital expense planning.

Once you’ve worked out a payment plan for your business, you can expect consistent installments for your new equipment. Predictable expenses like these can help you understand the cost of operating your business and make it easier to budget capital expenses. Unlike most credit lines, lease rates and payments are fixed for the duration of the lease term.

Build your practice your way.

We can help you bundle multiple purchases from different sources. This means you can set up your entire practice, from coffee machines to specialized equipment, in one lease. Soft costs such as installation can be rolled into the lease as well.

End-of-lease flexibility.

High-quality medical equipment holds its value and can continue to help you serve your customers for many years. However, if you want to keep the equipment current, you can opt for end-of-term options that let you roll over or buy out the equipment.

In this sense, leasing can be a great asset management tool that can help keep your practice running smoothly.

Is leasing the right decision for your practice?

Leasing medical equipment can help you acquire the latest technology, with flexible plans that maintain your cash flow. Our medical equipment experts take the time to understand your business and set you up with solutions that are built around your goals.

We finance nearly any type of medical equipment, such as:

If you’re ready to acquire or upgrade medical equipment, let’s talk!

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