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Image of the different businesses we can customize payments structures for. There are a lot of them!

Customize your payments to match your cash flow

No two businesses are alike and neither are our leases.

Payment structures

Flexible buyout options

We’re nothing if not flexible. That’s why we offer a number of different buyout options, ranging from $1 all the way to a 50 per cent of your total equipment cost. And don’t let the word “leasing” fool you. You’ll own your equipment after buyout.

Fair market value

Defer a portion of your equipment’s purchase cost to the end of the lease, at which time you have the option of purchasing the equipment for fair market value or walking away altogether to finance new equipment with the latest upgrades.

Step-up or step-down option

If you anticipate changing cash flow needs for your business, this option allows you to arrange payments that match your business’s varying revenue so you’re paying for your equipment when it’s making you money.

Seasonal payment periods

This is perfect for businesses where cash flow is seasonal like farms or golf courses. Here, you can design a payment cycle that matches your business’s seasonal revenue. A six month on, six month off payment schedule is most popular.

Financing made easy.

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