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Streetscape of Leasing Easy Street

Take a walk on Leasing Easy Street

Let our 60 financing experts from coast-to-coast help you sell more equipment than ever before by using our innovative programs and products

New to offering financing?

No prob. We'll teach you everything you need to know!

  • Leads with affordable monthly payments
  • Upgrades, additional features and accessories included in the lease
  • Access reports to know when a lease is expiring so you can offer a trade-up
  • Watch this video to learn more

See what our customers have to say

"Leasing helps us close deals that we wouldn't have been able to otherwise"

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How leasing works

1. Quoting

Quote payments to your customer onsite in seconds using National Leasing Interactive.

2. Credit

Have your customer take five minutes to complete our simplified application form. They can complete the form in your office, apply online, or contact your dedicated CWB National Leasing Sales Team and we'll contact the customer directly.

3. Documentation

Once approved, we just need equipment details from you in order to prepare the lease and get signatures. Alternatively, documents can be sent to you to have your customer sign.

4. Receive your payment

When we receive a signed lease, equipment invoice and the equipment has been delivered to your customer, payment will be remitted to you within 24 hours

Top 8 reasons to partner with CWB National Leasing

1. We get it

You want to close sales quickly and easily. You need to be profitable.You care about your customers. In return, we promise to treat your customers like our own!

2. Hands-on or hands-off - your choice

We can provide you and your customers with guidance every step of the financing process, going so far as to fill all the functions of an internal finance manager; or we can operate behind the scenes leaving you to be the main point of contact.

3. One size actually doesn't fit all

Unlike other lenders, CWB National Leasing knows that not all credit is created equal. That's why we have seven distinct credit risk ratings, allowing us to do business with virtually anyone, from governments to start-ups. If for some reason, we can't fund a deal, we have access to over 20 other lenders who could help you.

4. Let's make something old new again

CWB National Leasing has the flexibility to finance used, heavy-duty equipment that's up to 15 years old. We recognize the value in well-maintained older equipment and can provide longer lease terms than many of our competitors.

5. Your one-stop financing shop

Construction equipment, forestry equipment, agriculture equipment, vocational vehicles, trailers, you name it, we finance it. See more

6. Mad Men at your service

At no cost to you, CWB National Leasing can produce and print custom advertising materials showcasing your brand and your equipment with our great rates behind them. We employ professional graphic designers and wordsmiths who create top-shelf materials on a daily basis. Just ask your Account Manager about this perk not offered by any other financier.

7. Personalized training

Have a fleet of sales agents? Our training team can create a customized program to teach them how to lead with leasing. 

8. Innovative products and programs

White-labelled documents, special pricing, pre-qualification campaigns, insurance products and an online quoting tool are available for you and your customers.

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