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National Leasing became CWB National Leasing

Find out what this name change means to you with these frequently asked questions

  1. What is National Leasing’s new name?

    CWB National Leasing Inc.

  2. Is CWB National Leasing associated with the former Canadian Wheat Board?

    No. CWB Financial Group has NO affiliation with the former Canadian Wheat Board.

  3. When does the new name come into effect?

    June 4, 2018.

  4. Why is National Leasing changing its name?

    We’ve been a proud member of CWB Financial Group since 2010. It’s time we start looking the part and connecting you with a wider range of financial services, like business banking, trust and wealth management, through our fellow companies.

  5. Will National Leasing accept financing documentation with the old name following June 4?

    Yes – all transactions documented prior to June 4 and submitted for funding after June 4 will be accepted.

  6. How should I address invoices to National Leasing following the name change?

    All invoices should be addressed to CWB National Leasing Inc. beginning June 4.

  7. If I have National Leasing Group Inc. set up as payee for my online banking, will payments still go through after June 4?

    Yes – after the name change, the payee name in your online banking will automatically change to the new legal name, CWB National Leasing Inc. You do not have to change anything.

  8. What happens if I make pre-authorized debit payments to National Leasing?

    If you make pre-authorized debit payments to CWB National Leasing Group Inc., our payee name will change to CWB National Leasing Inc. on June 4. This change will happen automatically – no action required from you.

  9. Will the name change impact my financed vehicle registration?

    If you finance a vehicle through CWB National Leasing in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia or PEI, you’re required by motor vehicle regulations to obtain replacement registration with our new name. We sent a notice about this to all affected customers along with a power of attorney document authorizing you to obtain replacement registration. If you do not obtain replacement registration and you’re pulled over by police, customs or Ministry of Transport, there’s a chance they may give you a fine, because your registration will not match the updated CWB National Leasing name in their system. In certain jurisdictions, there’s a small fee for replacing vehicle registrations. CWB National Leasing will reimburse you for this fee by crediting your account. To receive your credit, please call our Customer Service department at 1-888-599-1966

  10. If I offer financing through National Leasing at my equipment dealership, how can I access new CWB National Leasing point-of-sale materials to display?

    Contact your account manager. They would be happy to provide you with new materials when they’re available.

  11. Is National Leasing’s website address changing?

    Yes, the website address will change from to If you use the former website address, you will be redirected to our website.

  12. Are National Leasing’s email addresses changing?

    Yes, our email addresses currently end in Our new ones will end in Emails sent to our former email addresses will be redirected to the new ones.

  13. How can I access a wider range of financial services through CWB Financial Group?

    Visit or call 1-833-CWB-BANK (1-833-292-2265) for more information.

  14. What’s not changing?

    Mailing addresses, phone numbers and our quality customer service! We’re changing our name, but not who we are. We’re excited to continue providing you with innovative equipment financing solutions as CWB National Leasing.

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