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A graphic of a fraudster holding a bag of money. This could be your money!

What you need to know about Mass Marketing Fraud

Bernadette Danyluk

By: , Manager, Small-ticket Credit

Mass Marketing Fraud is one of Canada’s most common types of fraud.

What is Mass Marketing Fraud?

Mass Marketing Fraud (MMF) is fraud that’s committed using mass communication media like phone, email and Internet. Because communication technology allows fraudsters to easily reach millions of victims, Mass Marketing Fraud is one of the most common types of fraud.

Have you heard from a Nigerian prince lately who’s asking for your banking information? Did an automated voice recording tell you that you won a cruise? Those are likely both forms of MMF and just two of the many variations fraudsters deploy to steal your money.

To prevent yourself from becoming a victim, you should know how to spot MMF’s schemes. So we created an infographic that sheds light on key MMF trends and prevention tips. They’ll help arm you for your fight against fraud.

Canadian Mass Marketing Fraud Infographic

Key Mass Marketing Fraud findings

  • In 2014, nearly 14,000 Canadians were victim to MMF and lost $69 million.
  • Fraudulent services, prizes, extortion, merchandise and phishing are Canada’s most common fraud types.
  • If you’re from Quebec, Ontario or Alberta, be extra vigilant. Fraudsters stole 81 per cent of their $69 million from Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Those three provinces also accounted for 76 per cent of victim reports.
  • Middle-aged and elderly Canadians were the hardest hit, accounting for nearly half of all fraud losses.
  • Business lost $26 million from fraud. Learn how your business can fight fraud.

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