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Career pathing map

What does career pathing look like? Plus 5 things employers should offer to help path your career

Erin Peikoff

By: , Organizational Learning Consultant

Although it is rare in the days of tight hiring budgets, over the years CWB National Leasing has hired people showing potential even if we didn’t have an exact role for them yet.

We can do this because the strong career pathing we offer to employees will eventually guide them into a role that fits their strengths and in the end will benefit the business.

As a young professional starting out in his or her career or a professional who has been in the workforce for many years and looking to make a career change, there are several key items you should ask of a current or potential employer when it comes to career pathing:

  1. Career Advancement – Is there room to grow within the company and opportunity for advancement?
  2. Sponsored Education – Are post-secondary courses covered by the employer? 
  3. Professional Coaching – Are mentoring programs available to help employees identify personal and professional goals?
  4. Job Cross-Training – Does the employer promote cross-training and career path counselling to assist employees in their career progression and identify suitable roles within the company?
  5. New Employment Opportunities - Is preference for new job opportunities given to existing employees to increase job experience and develop skills?

As an award-winning company for employee engagement, CWB National Leasing proudly answers yes to all of the above.

The proof is in the pudding: Career Paths of 3 CWB National Leasing Employees

I’ve traced the career paths of several CWB National Leasing employees to learn how the above services have impacted their career growth.

Diagram displaying career paths for three CWB National Leasing employees


Kathy Conner, New Lease Designate

Kathy Conner, New Lease Designate

Kathy Conner, who you can see dancing up a storm with Winnipeg radio personality Ace Burpee in our corporate culture video “It’s About the People” began as a Collections Officer with CWB National Leasing in 2007. Through various roles and job cross training, from Lease Administrator, Credit Analyst and current role as New Lease Designate, she has seen the entire lease process from start to finish.

“I am very pleased that I have acquired the knowledge from various departments so that I can educate our customers on the entire lease process,” says Kathy. When asked about her current role: “I’m not sure where this role (New Lease Designate) will go, or if it will evolve into something more, but I am cultivating a good relationship with the customer service team.”

Chris Noonan, Vice-president, Operations

Chris Noonan, Vice-president, Operations

Our Vice-president of Operations, Chris Noonan, began his professional career as a teacher and was looking for a career change when he came to CWB National Leasing in 2000. He transitioned through several sales roles, including Account Manager, Assistant Manager – Sales Coordination, and Partner Services Manager under the counsel of his mentor Michael Dubowec, Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice-president.

"Michael has been a valuable mentor throughout my career within CWB National Leasing. He is a great sounding board, provides guidance and empowers those around him to implement their innovative ideas," says Chris.

Stuart Shiells, Account Manager

Stuart Shiells, Account Manager

Stuart Shiells began his career at CWB National Leasing in 2010 as a Customer Service Representative but had a long-term goal to move into Sales.

“When I learned CWB National Leasing sponsored post-secondary courses, I enrolled in the Marketing Management Certificate Program through Red River College and have been taking courses to expand my knowledge of the marketing and sales function,” says Stuart.

Stuart worked with Wendy Guilbault, Human Resources Manager, who provided counselling on different career path opportunities.

“Working with Stuart was great. He had very clear goals on the direction he wanted his career to go. Providing him with the guidance and support he needed, I helped him through his career development journey,” says Wendy.

One role on his career path was with the Marketing Department to gain more exposure on the products and services we provide. He continued with the career development program and reviewed goals and career options for several months. He has now transitioned to a sales role and is as an Account Manager in our Broker Services Department.

Seize the Day

Don’t wait for others to steer your professional career; take charge and pave the way for yourself. To maximize your success, ensure you have an employer who values career pathing and mentors who provide the support, resources and tools for you to excel. Take advantage of career development programs within your organization, or consider a career with CWB National Leasing.

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