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A photo of a Lakeland employee transportation Lakeland equipment

Simplifying equipment financing with National Leasing Interactive

Why rely on something traditional when you know a better way?

It’s a question that’s drives the Lakeland Group. The company’s business model is one of self-reliance and customer service. “Premium Products, Premium Service…Direct to Your Door” is the company’s motto and the life blood that runs through the entire organization’s culture. Lakeland sells equipment directly to its customers – an uncommon model for equipment manufacturers. 

“It gives us an advantage because we can interact directly with our customers,” says Johnny Deayton, Lakeland’s Sales Team Leader. “We find out exactly what their needs are.”

Lakeland removes the logistics of shipping equipment to the dealer that the customer then has to pick up. Instead, it delivers directly to customers’ farms. And without dealerships involved, the company spends sales margins usually reserved for dealers on freight and shipping costs. The result: every customer receives free delivery anywhere in North America. The direct-buy sales method and ship-to-your-door free shipping not only saves customers money, it also means customers have a much quicker and hassle-free experience.

“We look after the customer long term. We wouldn’t have grown the business to the extent it’s grown if we didn’t care about what happens after a sale,” said Andy Deayton, Lakeland Group General Manager. “We’re here to build lasting relationships with our customers.”

A graphic depicting the advantages of Lakeland’s sales model over a traditional sales model

Taking customer service to the next level with National Leasing Interactive

For customers who prefer the flexibility of financing, Lakeland partners with CWB National Leasing. Lakeland has helped customers finance with CWB National Leasing for 10 years, working closely with CWB National Leasing Account Manager Raunora Westcott. In late 2015, Lakeland was one of the first to use National Leasing Interactive, an online quoting and portfolio tool for equipment dealers. With National Leasing Interactive, Lakeland has surpassed its already impressive levels of customer service for its financing customers.

“The ability to use National Leasing Interactive while we’re talking to customers and quote them prices on the spot is great,” said Johnny. “If customers want to go down the financing route, they want to know what their payments are going to be up front. With National Leasing Interactive, we can tell them immediately.” 

A photo of Lakeland Group’s livestock equipment.

Lakeland also uses National Leasing Interactive’s custom branding feature. The tool brands each quote generated with Lakeland’s branding, which Johnny and his sales team then combine with a premium presentation they deliver to customers. Johnny said the presentation, comprised of pictures, video links to the company’s website and the branded quote, helps customers get a full grasp of what to expect when acquiring Lakeland equipment.

“It’s not just a generic quote off a software program,” continued Johnny. “National Leasing Interactive and its customization certainly help our sales team be more professional and faster. It’s made financing much easier for us as well as the customer, which directly aligns itself with the ‘premium’ experience that we are delivering to our clients”

Financing made easy.

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