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    Recent deals

    $27,000 @ 36 months

    Ultrasound with components
    $42,000 @ 66 months

    Skid steer loader
    $19,500 @ 66 months

    Snow plow
    $7,100 @ 27 months

    $7,200 @ 48 months

    Dump truck
    $127,500 @ 60 months

    Medical instrument washer
    $11,400 @ 66 months

    Combine with components
    $650,000 @ 72 months

    Computer equipment
    $19,600 @ 48 months

    $6,700 @ 36 months

    National Leasing becomes CWB National Leasing

    National Leasing has been a proud member of CWB Financial Group since 2010, and it’s time we start looking the part. We’re changing our name and logo, but we’re not changing who we are! Our customer service – built on the long-standing values of being fun, smart, helpful and creative – will remain the same and our well-known mascot Phil will still greet you in various materials.

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