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Osprey flying

CWB National Leasing turns parking lot over to Osprey during Covid-19

CWB National Leasing


Rare bird makes use out of empty office parking lot

Winnipeg, MB – A strange inhabitant makes CWB National Leasing parking lot a home in light of human absence due to COVID-19.  While employees work from their homes for safety, Osprey have moved in and taken ownership of this desolate parking lot, thriving in its new habitat.

With a wing span of 5-6 ft., this large bird is typically found near bodies of water, with fish as their main food source, making up 99% of their diet according to Osprey can grow up to 23 inches in height and live up to 30 years. They tend to nest on top of tall looming structures, like electrical poles in this case.

Osprey nesting

“We are thrilled CWB is embracing this nesting osprey with open arms,” says Timothy Poole, Co-ordinator of the Manitoba Important Bird Areas Program with the Government of Manitoba. “The range of the Osprey continues to expand in Manitoba and the first breeding pair in Winnipeg were discovered in 2013.”

"Ospreys pose no threat to humans,” assures Poole. “[Osprey] even adapt to us by readily selecting artificial structures on which to nest.

He adds that we can expect them to be around for a while as incubation from the time the first egg is laid to hatching takes about 37 days. “For a species this large, the young take a little longer to reach fledgling, approximately 50 days.”

Osprey spreads wings

No matter the length of stay, the staff at CWB National Leasing have welcomed the dweller enthusiastically, recognizing this is the Manitoba equivalent of large whales visiting the French Riviera due to human absence. We will make sure the area remains protected for the Osprey and its young.

In the meantime, staff are having fun voting on a name for the Osprey. Follow our social media channels to follow this developing story!

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