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Make your equipment your Marketing advantage

Make your equipment your Marketing advantage

Dina Beaucage

By: , Content Marketing Manager

Many things have changed over the past couple of months. But one thing hasn’t changed in years: business owners need to market their businesses and need to be more creative than ever in doing so.

From my 15 years of industry experience, one thing I’ve learned is that  marketing seems to be an area of business that can baffle even the most senior of professionals. Yet, most business owners know that how you market your company can have a profound effect on its success.

Think about your business. Take a second to envision the products and services you provide. Now think about how hard you work both on your business and in your business. Whether you’ve built your company from the ground up, or you jumped into an existing operation and took the reins, you’ve got a lot invested. Your team can handle just about any task, and you leave your customers satisfied every time. But…is your marketing investment working for you?

There are many ways to market your business from publicity to advertising and from social media to sponsorships. Where should you even begin to spend your time and budget? Are you making the right kind of impression on your customers? Read on to find out!

Which contractor would you hire?

First impressions

You only get one chance to impress someone. First impressions leave lasting impacts that can dictate a business relationship from day one. According to Forbes, you only have seven seconds to make an impression. Their article stresses the importance of clean and attractive storefronts, clothes and websites, but even if you don’t have a storefront, the same concept could be applied to the equipment you use.

Let’s just say you work in construction. When you roll up to a new job site, your equipment is one of the first things your customer will notice.

Upon seeing a beat-up work truck, caked with debris from your last job site, your customer might wonder what state of disaster you’ll leave their property in when you drive away.

New gear with fresh paint looks professional. Sure, you might have a bit of mud on your tires, but you’re clearly running a tight ship if you roll up in a nice truck with your logo on the side and offload equipment that’s in good shape. Your customer will likely view you as successful and professional right off the bat. Good first impression? Check!

Which contractor would you hire to renovate your home?

Which contractor would you hire?

Of course, appearance isn’t everything, but for customers and decision-makers, perception is reality. I’ve used construction as an example here, but whether you’re in transportation, healthcare, forestry, agriculture or commercial, when you invest in new equipment, you’re positioning yourself successful and must-hire!

Some companies even point out their state-of-the-art equipment by name as a selling feature. Are you the only veterinary office around with a 3D imaging xray machine? Let the world know!

The miracle marketing budget

Maybe you’d LOVE to market your business through cutting-edge equipment, but can’t afford it. No problem. That’s where CWB National Leasing can help. One of the big benefits of leasing gear, rather than buying it, is the ability to upgrade once your term is up. Since you haven’t sunk your life savings into equipment, you’re not stuck with it. Every few years, you can switch it up and keep your fleet fresh.

Newer pieces of equipment carry a higher price tag, but are old machines really cheaper in the long run? Not if you take into account the possibility of lost hours should it kick the bucket in the middle of a job.

Lightly used gear can also look and function well, while putting forward a professional image. Your gear doesn’t have to be straight off the assembly line – we fund used gear too – so you can choose something that looks and functions better than what you have now, and only has a wee bit of wear.

The best part, in my humble opinion, is that without adding anything to your marketing budget, you can make your equipment work double-duty by using it to get your core business done, while leveraging the marketing benefits new equipment can provide. Get that new equipment and share how you can use it to help your customers on social media for an added bonus!

To read more about the benefits of leasing – man, there are a bunch- watch this video that explains the process.

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