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Hallway at CWB National Leasing head office featuring large mural from Graffiti Art Gallery

Painting the first stroke on the new CWB National Leasing blog

Jani Sorensen

By: , Manager, Communications & Brand

Hello and welcome to the new CWB National Leasing blog.

Each week you’ll find a new picture painted on the latest in leasing equipment – from “Knowledge Shares” on industry research and resources, to “Customer Stories” spotlighting the incredible people who keep us in business, to “Expert Advice” from employees with years of experience - it will all be here for you to enjoy.

But beyond leasing, we’ll share our secret sauce – our “Corporate Culture.” It is rich with innovation and sprinkled with fun. It is why a small idea back in 1976, has grown into a $1 Billion a year business from the (what some may still consider a fledgling - not to mention freezing) city of Winnipeg. And, as all of our customers are businesses, we hope you will take our fun and innovative spirit with you back to your office to help your business grow beyond what that new piece of equipment will do for you.

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/colleague, click that SUBSCRIBE button and let’s get this new blog shining in all the Technicolor it deserves.

Okay…wondering what the painting metaphor is all about? Did you know CWB National Leasing has 200 works of art in a collection dedicated to supporting local painters and sculptors? Go on our virtual tour for a glimpse inside CWB National Leasing.

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