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Congratulations to our Phil on the Sill winners!

Congratulations to our Phil on the Sill winners! Find out where Phil was!

CWB National Leasing


Some savvy detectives played #Philonthesill with #CWBNationalLeasing and won an Apple Watch Series 4! Find out where Phil was.

These CWB National Leasing website visitors used their diligent detective skills to search our site for Phil in December during our Phil on the Sill contest.

For those of you who scoured the site, we’ll let you in on where he was hiding!

Judging by the comments on Facebook, the most popular location to find Phil was on our Why Lease page!

Step one of getting your equipment financing started is to go shopping and find the equipment you’d like to purchase. Phil couldn’t resist hopping in and out of the shopping cart on our website!

Congratulations to our Phil on the Sill winners!


If you found Phil in the shopping cart, then here’s what you learned: shopping is only step one! Once you’ve shopped and found your equipment – that’s where we come in.

Next steps: complete an online application form on our website, and we’ll follow up to chat with you about your financing application details. Upon approval of your equipment lease or financing application, and finalization of any required documents, we’ll contact your equipment dealer to notify them that their payment is on its way and you’ll get your equipment!

Phil’s quite the character, so he also hid on our FAQ page, Customer Stories page, Vehicle Protection Plan page, and he even hid on our Payment Structures page… guess the little guy wanted to know more about our seasonal payment structures.

Congratulations to our Phil on the Sill winners!


Many of our contest players were lucky enough to find all five Phils. But the luckiest of all are our contest winners:

Atlantic Region:
Catherine Cole

Peter Vanderzwaag

Chris Neirinck

Kent Reimer

Ken Price

Thanks to everyone who played and congratulations to our winners!

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