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2018 CWB National Leasing summer students

Attention students: we’re hiring!

Laine Jubinville

By: , Talent Acquisition Leader

When it comes to searching for a great summer job, what’s on your checklist?

✔️ A company that creates meaningful opportunities for you, applicable to your area of study
✔️ A team that values your opinion and gives you a seat at the table
✔️ An opportunity to build your resume, with real and important experiences
✔️ The chance to create connections that could lead to future job opportunities
✔️ The chance to be part of a fun crew of summer students at one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers

I hate to brag, but when it comes to the company where I work, I’m OK with a little boasting! CWB National Leasing certainly checks all of these boxes, and many more. We strive to provide top-notch experiences for our summer students, because we know it won’t be long before you’re out in the workforce, leading us to a bright future.

“I came in with high expectations, and my experiences far exceeded them,” says Avery Cameron, who worked as a summer student with our sales team in 2018. “CWB National Leasing is welcoming and fun, and I never felt like I was being a bother. I earned great experience to use in future job interviews, and I learned a lot from my fellow summer students, too.”

Avery is studying business at Acadia University.

At the end of summer 2018, we offered part-time opportunities to several of our summer students, who are now working at CWB National Leasing while finishing their studies. One of these students is Tessa McDonald. Tessa works with our sales team as a Business Coordinator while studying at the Asper School of Business at University of Manitoba, majoring in Finance and Human Resources.

“When I first started, I was given more responsibility than I expected,” says Tessa. “I felt trusted, empowered and challenged, which has been a great experience. Also, it seems at least once a day, someone will do something nice for you or tell you ‘you’re awesome’.”

Avery Cameron and Tessa McDonald at a staff BBQ last year

Avery Cameron (middle) and Tessa McDonald (left) at a staff BBQ last year

If you’re looking for experiences like this, check out our Careers page for 2019 summer student opportunities across a number of different fields.


Check for summer student opportunities



Guess who started at CWB National Leasing as a summer student…  

Miles Macdonell, Senior Vice-president, Sales, CWB National Leasing started his career journey as a summer student in 1993. Miles had such a great experience in his summer student role, he never left!

“You never know where a summer student position can take you,” says Miles. “That initial opportunity has grown into a long and meaningful career for me. I’ve had the chance to work and learn from many different areas of our business, and it all started with a summer student position I took while earning my commerce degree from University of Manitoba.” 

CWB National Leasing career pathing with Miles Macdonell



Fun activities YOU could take part in as a summer student at CWB National Leasing: 

  • Play in our ball hockey league (games are over lunch hour in our parking lot)
  • Join employee sports teams such as our rowing team, beach volleyball team, etc.
  • Take part in summer fundraising events like Challenge for Life
  • Volunteer and attend networking events with our GenNext crew
  • Help organize lunchtime BBQs with fellow summer students
  • Sign up for lunchtime classes in our onsite fitness studio, like yoga or boot camp 

Follow our social media channels for pictures of fun things we do at CWB National Leasing! 

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